What I Love About Writing

My love to my writing and authorship 


Why did i start to write in first place? And why do i love it so much? Why do my writing give me happiness and make me feel a lot more complete? 

It all started when i was a little kid, i loved to write when i even couldn't understand whole word meanings, but i wanted to learn more so i took everything with letters on it - and started to write exactly what it stood. I was about 5 years old maybe, and already then, i loved to write. Now, when i'm older, i love to write even more - now when i truly understand words, and what they can fill to a soul. Words are powerfull, and make a human being a complete meaning with some few letters. But - it's not the words that make a soul feel something, and i think sometimes we should use less words and more action. More feelings and more of our hearts


Everything we have, we should make the best of it. So that's what i do - with words people handle in the wrong way, and also feelings. 

When i grew up, people never let me talk and express myself. People in my life, took my right to speak and everytime i was about to open my mouth, they did everything in their power to silent my voice. And everytime i felt something, they told me that my feelings wasn't real, and all i felt and said wasn't true or my right to express to others. They made me stop talk about real things, and i closed the door, that lead to feelings. For many, many years... i didn't tell anyone important things, and i did everything i could so i wouldn't feel something. I cared so much, but all i heard was that if i felt something - it was wrong, i was wrong and if i wanted to feel something it would be to feel stupid and worthless. Because to them, i was. 



I love to write, because that's my way to let people hear me. A way to understand me, and to know more about what i think. I think, it's a privilege to others - to have the privilege to read about my thoughts. Because whole my life i never ever let anyone near me in that way - the way they could share the best of me and thoughts from my heart. 

So - To write is my only way to express my real thoughts, the real me. I tell what my mind tells me, and the thoughts of my mind is the thoughts in the deep of my heart. Only the truth - in a very deeply mystierius way. 



I have so much to tell the world. 
And finally, i know i can do it. 
That only i can make a choice how to use my voice 
and my souls thoughts and feelings. 
No one else has that right in my life, 
to tell me i have to be quiet. 
And i won't be anymore! 



I want to give people what they didn't had before - or a little more of what they already got. 

I want to give them a little more hope, a little more strength, to believe in their own rights for their own life. 

I want to show people that no matter how you was knocked to the ground, you can find the strength and the happy part in life. And also, i want to show people that, matter what people did to make you stay quiet - You don't have to be that anymore. You don't have to stay quiet about what happend to your life. 

People only want you to be quiet so they can continue with the wrong they do. 
If they are afraid that people will know, because they are ashamed ? No. They will never be ashamed. 
They are only afraid because they love to hurt people in different ways, and they do not want to be stopped. 

That's the truth.