If you are not following my facebook-page or and my Instagram, then you've missed out great news for you, my beloved reader! 


I have choosen to start selling my first book, outgiven year 2014 "När jag fann min förstående" again - as an e-book! 
I'm also going to give out my upcoming biography, hopefully in the beginning of year 2019, but in the meen time you can read my upcoming e-book! 

For now it will be in only swedish. 
And later i can sell it in english too. But i am the one who's going to translate it, 
and it takes a lot of time, so for now only my swedish readers can buy it! 


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This is the cover for my upcoming E-book. 
I Own this cover. 

Sincerely Author, 




24 okt 2017

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