Rread About My Upcoming Books

If you wanna read about my upcoming books, you can read about two of them down below. 


THE BOOK OF MY LIFE - Another title on the book. 


This is a book of processing. And what i mean about that, is that i write now and then, and there is no time when this book has to be finished. It's a progress that takes time. This book will be the most biggest and hardest book i've ever will write and give out. 


If you read this book, no eye will be dry. You will be in someone else life, and be embraced of both hate and love - You will lead you into my experiences and know how such a life influenced me and so many others.

This book will tell others the truth, some of you will understand things better, some of you won't understand and leave the incomprehension where it is, or you will deny and questioning my story, my truth.


Some of you will recognize what i talk about, experienced same and feel the same, and hopefully find a way to go through the worse in life to a better life, find new ways they didn't think about before. The book of my life will,with my heart, be something i really want to share with others. There are many, myself include,that have their lips sealed for too long when it comes to their stories about theirs awful and struggling life. There's nothing to be ashamed of, and you don't have to be quiet about what you have been through. 


This book will be a learning for many, whatever age or what you been through by yourself. I wanna give out the truth about my life, because it would be a relief from my heart to tell what others tried to deny and never wanted to come out - And the biggest reason for giving out this upcoming fantastic book, is because I will with the unlikely be able to help so many of my experience.

The book won't only be about all the misery, and the negativity it has given me and my life. The book will also be about how to get out of everything, how to have the energy to stand up for yourself and all adversity. - How to find good mindset of the darkest periods, and how to find the light that will enhance the strength and courage to continue to fight for better days. 


It is not hard to give up. It's simple. The hard part is to fight despite not have more of the strenght, but it is also what pays the most.

Hope you will like to read this upcoming book!






A ROMANTIC ROMAN - Another title on the book. 


This book will be about the most beautiful thing in life, love. Difficult love, amazing love. Unexpected love, and a love that change two peoples life and everything in near. 


A pair meet unexpected, in a unexpected way, and it Affect Both of them more than the other knows. The woman literally falls into the man's arms, and that moment creates a spark none of them know is answered. The story will make you take part out of a woman's life, and the man's life - and their life together. It will tell about hard times and much of the waits. How two people are destined to live together, but that they themselves do not decide when they're ready for another. The universe proves with time, when you are ready to meet for the first time or the second time and then experience an infinite and special love that is dedicated to only yourself, with the right man or woman for you.


A invented novel, but that will play out much out of my own thoughts and feelings, and some personal experiences. Not a typical teenage romance. And that includes some other pronunciation, as a little more "old fashioned" Swedish. Therefore, perhaps it is a book that does not fall into the category of teenage book, and are easier for the elderly to read.


It is worth to love and to receive love you get. Whether it is for a certain period of time, as little longer, or lifelong. It is also worth waiting for love, to be able to build yourself, create yourself. Realize what you need and do not need. Learning to love yourself so that you can learn to accept the love you get in the right way, and also give it the right way. A love story that hopefully will not only feel imaginary, unreal, but will be able to give you that reading a good feeling in the body. And maybe give you good thoughts, that might not have been there before. A book that might give you a little more hope and love that might stand out a little bit longer while waiting for the right one for you. Turning frustration and bad patience to motivation to take new steps closer to being ready for what comes.