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Like i said, 

This homepage will only be a swedish homepage, but in future i will make this a homepage for all of you.

In future i will translate some of my upcoming books in english, so i can reach out to more people in this world. I will be the one who translate the books myself. And, because i'm going to write a very important book (the one about my life) i want to reach out to people, as many as i can. That's why this homepage will be more than a swedish page in future, after i have translated my books. 


I hope though, that you want to still check out my homepage, and read about my books and everything else that you can read about. If you want to know more about something, feel free to write to me! How few or many emails i've got, i will always write back. And also, you can subscribe and then get some news now and then, and also sometimes discount ( ...% off ). 


Hope you like my homepage! 
All support is welcome, and 
it means alot. 


Sincerely Sophie