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From the book "When I found my understanding"



I said one time before, when you care about someone, when you say you do, it is a responsibility.
When you care, it's a responsibility many doesn't know. Lovisa and i, are really there for eachother, the way no one ever was there for us before. We had people in life that took our problems like a joke. Although we both have worse problems like many of the rest doesn't have. 


We take our problems and what we feel, seriously. And it feels so good, that finally someone believes in you. Someone who says it is okay to feel sad, and don't make a joke about your feelings. 


* * *


For a long time we were on different roads, and one day our roads met and now we walk forward together. It's a long way for us to go, but on the way, things get clearer and we teach eachother all we know. We make us stronger.