Q/a About My Upcooming Books

When will the books be published? 
Answer: I do not know yet, when i will publish this books. Right now the books is a ongoing progress, and with that i mean i still writing on them. It takes a lots of more time than you can imagine, to write a book, therefor i can't tell a specific date when this books are finished to publish. 


Will you always publish your books by yourself? 
Answer: I am a self publishers, which means i do the work by myself. I write my books, in the future i will translate them into english, and i send the books to a "book printing" if i can say so, and thereafter i sells them through this website only i own. I love to be a self publisher, even if it's hard sometimes and even if it means alot of work by itself. But that's exactly what i passionate about! 


What will the books be about? 
Answer: You can read about two of my upcooming books through the link down below. 



How many books do you have, that's finished or ongoing progress? 
Answer: I have for sure over 20 books unfinished. Some of them i have put aside, and some of others i will perhaps write on some more and finish. I only have one book, that is complete finished and it's already published. I am a person who all the time starts new projects, and thats resulting in that i start new books very often before i have finished the ones i've already start on. That's why i have so many unfinished books, but not all of them will be finished and published. But some of them may be upcooming books.