My upcoming biography is about very strong feelings, that is a also a very long history from the start of my life to the continuation of my new, pure and better journey. I started the writing of the book when i was only 19 years old, and it will take it's time to be finished. My biography is an important book, real story, that i'll hope will reach out to as many people as possible - even in the future, i will hopefully translate the book by myself, so the contries that are follow me today - can reach out with this sad as beautiful hidden story that i never ever could speak about before now.


I do believe this biography will tearing people, but in the last chapter, the tears will be happytears too. 
I wouldn't write this book about my life, if i didn't know that it was important -for me and for all the people that will read it and hear about it. I  will take my time to heal, and my time to write this book as good as a can, because my story do deserves it. And i know, i will help so many people with this book. 

I do it with love, for the little girl i once was 

and for my love for the people. 


Thank you for follow my life of writing. 

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16 nov 2017

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