About Me



 "Is there something I do not have passion for?"


I am a purposeful, charismatic, driven soul that gets many, of all ages, be  responsive. 
 I do not do anything that I do not love to do, something that I stand up for, because it  is an important foundation to creating a life you feel good to live. I have for many  years helped other people by being a human being everyone deserves to meet, and I  have helped these people by listening and by providing further my own tools, gained  through experience. This is a homepage, created by me in 2013, where i'm once  again going to bring further my experiences through mine beloved written books.  I am 21 years old. My first book was published when i was seventeen years old, last year 8th february 2014.  And i will for sure publish lots of more books! 

You will read everything that is connected to life, such as love, psychological, about my way to a better & safer life, and alots of more. 


I do connect with people and reaches out to them in a good way, and i can't imagine to not continue with that. So i hope you will like what you reading, and that i can reach out to more people in this world. Support from you, means extremely a lot! 

If you want to know more about me, my books and/or if you have other questions in you mind, feel free to write to me. You can always reach me, and i will always write back. 



Sincerely Sophie.